Poco clearly had one goal in mind for the X3 Pro, and that was to deliver the best possible CPU performance at around the Rs. 20,000 price level. This is a phone that will do very well for gaming and will feel snappy and responsive for the foreseeable future. If you want a device that feels premium but don’t want to spend too much, this could be a compelling option. There are also other positives – the IP53 rating and stereo speakers are both nice to have, and if you’re looking for bold design, you’ll get it. As for low-light shots, the Poco X3 Pro did struggle in dark environments at night but did an okay job when there was sufficient artificial lighting. Night mode doesn’t always brighten shots much but can improve contrast and make points of light against dark backgrounds look much less blown-out. The camera app is the same that we’ve seen on recent Xiaomi phones.

The POCO X3 pro is priced at $303 for the variant 8GB RAM+128GB Storage. Last year, the company introduced a budget flagship phone, named Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro. This phone is really a Flagship killer device in this range, because of its feature and budget. So, overall, the Poco X3 is comparable to Realme 7 Pro and Galaxy M31 in terms of camera performance, but not better than these alternatives. The later two have AMOLED displays and images look punchier on the phone display.

  • Both phones support 33W fast charging so that puts them on the same level in terms of charging speeds.
  • What’s even better is that I never feel constrained by battery life.
  • As for the amazing performances, the company has featured an octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor which is built on 7nm processes.
  • The deviations in colors and grayscales are minimal in the “Standard” color scheme, and the color temperature is very good.
  • However, it’s still far more powerful than mono speakers.

After downloading the firmware from above link, get a functional USB cable, then follow the instructions via this link to learn how to flash Xiaomi fastboot and recovery firmware. Many more features are available on this custom ROM that you may not see on others. Also, this ROM proves to offer more stability in terms of strength. CrDroid did not sacrifice some features to provide a stable Android experience; it comes with customizable features and proves efficient.

baixar stock rom poco x3 pro

Below, we have described the best custom all mobile firmwares ROM for Poco X3 Pro. So, you can download one of these ROM and install it on your smartphone. To install the custom recovery, you can follow the below steps. Also, charge the device battery to at least 40% so that the flashing process will not be interrupted by low battery. Interrupting the firmware installation process could damage your phone. The updater app does not support upgrades from one version of LineageOS to another, and will block installation to any update for a different version.

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